I still remember the Casio calculator used in reading. In the middle and high school, the Casio calculator was a hand in the class, otherwise it would be a direct embarrassment. Sometimes even the exam can bring such a calculator to calculate, it seems that the university exam can still carry the calculator to calculate.

I remember that the Casio calculator at that time was also fifty or sixty, but now I wants to tell you that Casio has a calculator with a price of $300+. Do you believe it? Recently, Japan Casio launched a local gold version of the calculator for $400 . It is said that this calculator has performed well in the Japanese market, so it is now also launched in the Chinese market. This calculator is a “50th Anniversary”, the shell is not a traditional plastic shell, but an aluminum alloy shell, and is sprayed into a local gold. The overall appearance and the texture of the metal are of course far better than ordinary plastic plate calculators. It is worth noting that although the value of this calculator is as high as $400, in addition to the outer casing is aluminum alloy, other functions do not seem to be different from the normal version, the display can only display 12 digits. The only special thing is that this calculator can support laser engraving customization, if you want to engrave your name on it. But the problem is, a calculator, although it is still a local gold calculator, can be carried around like a mobile phone.

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