Being beaten, hitting, and blindly playing, as a white-collar employee who loves to “calculate”, the fingertips of the dance are all in the company’s accounts. When the hand speed meets the precision, the office life between the numbers is less than the blessing of the morale.


There is nothing wrong with the calculations, and Casio knows this. Therefore, it has a large and wear-resistant button, and the atmosphere is rigorously designed. The Casio office series calculator DH-12, which is the ultimate goal of “blind play”, came into being. With a quick input and comfortable task, it always makes people happy.


Casio office series calculator DH-12, large-screen LED LCD screen, user-friendly large keyboard design. The accounting calculation is easy to calculate with one click, and it is easy to calculate the cost-based gross profit tax rate. Fashionable yet steady, revealing a simple and stylish gentleman’s atmosphere, in the work of deductive fashion attitude. Classic black and white gray color matching, always let you find a more professional yourself in the work.

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