As a engineering student, scientific computing has become one of the daily essential tasks. For the cumbersome mathematical calculations, the importance of scientific calculators is self-evident. It can save calculation time, improve calculation efficiency, and ensure calculation. Accurate.

The original intention of purchasing this calculator is to deal with the calculation of the matrix, such as multiplication of the calculation matrix, the determinant of the matrix, the inverse of the matrix, etc. This Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator can be used up to 4 rows and 4 columns. The composed matrix performs the calculation.

To familiarize yourself with the use of scientific calculators, detailed user instructions are essential. The calculator’s manual is a total of 72 pages, detailing the use of the calculator and the top ten functions.

Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator with a white color on the back of the fuselage, simple and stylish, weighing about 200g, small and portable.

The surface of the Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator is processed by a special process. The plastic buttons are comfortable to touch, and have a metal-like experience. The white, black and blue buttons are matched with colors, and the front design is beautiful and stylish.

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