have you considered the value of the face? Have you considered the feel?

Yan value! Feel! Very important!

Well, when it comes to being familiar with my friends, I should know that I have to start to install the sun drying equipment!

Today, I will share with you three calculators, which I have deprecated, I am using, and I have collected them:

Because of the professional reasons of the previous job, the calculator is a must-have for work, so they appear a little bit in my EDC series .

The purchase methods and purchase purposes of these three calculators are completely different. They are shared with everyone here. Maybe you will also abandon those ordinary calculators with no features, and find a good-looking and easy-to-use for yourself. New calculator!

Let’s start with one by one:

The first one (the one on the far right) is incredible!

Masterpiece of industrial design in the history  Braun Braun ET66 calculator. . . . . . Reissue version:

Braun BNE 001BK

Designed by Dieter Rams, known as “one of the most influential designers of the 20th century”

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