In 2018, Deli produced a high-import Casio fx-991CN X Chinese version of the calculator, model D991CN Plus, under the premise of achieving the same function, the online sales price is about one-third of Casio. However, the gap between this calculator and the Casio genuine calculator is big or small. There is no specific comparison article on the Internet, so I will consider writing an article like this, and let everyone choose which one to buy as a reference. The evaluation of the function is not the focus of this article, because its feature set is exactly the same as the Casio fx-991CN X Chinese version, so you can go to the manual of the Casio official website, or search for the evaluation article of the function of the Casio calculator. Just fine. Pure interest evaluation, will not favor which side.

As for why I am interested in writing this review, because I always like to drum up the mess of digital products and software, so the calculator and the like have not let go. Since there is no actual demand for the graphing calculator, there is not much money to buy a graphing calculator to play with, basically it is to play the simulator, but what the function machine is to play with. Some time ago, I saw that the calculator was full on the milk tea east (99-30 & 105-5) and then you can start with 48 oceans (black will be cheaper four), so suddenly the 991 imitation of these forty Interested, I bought one. The Casio Genuine Calculator was purchased from X Baochao’s flagship store 133 Ocean in March 2015. It seems to have increased its price to 148. Many people have genuine plots. If you buy Casio, you won’t be able to buy them. So there are not many people who have the opportunity to do comparative evaluations. But I don’t hang on to the pirates and play games, so I don’t pay much attention to whether they are genuine. That evaluation is done by me~

First come to the calculator family portrait. The old version of 991ES Plus purchased in 2010 is not around. Ignore the two rightmost Android emulators. . .


Next, I started to compare the two calculators. First of all, the picture below is a frontal photo:

Both calculators have good values. It can be seen that the Casio key is completely reproduced, which is not bad at all. Casio is only black, powerful black and white optional, I bought white, a few more expensive than black. After Casio’s color scheme was moved to the white casing, it always felt that there was a lack of design balance, and everyone might have different opinions.

The powerful protective shell is slightly brittle and different in material from Casio. The workmanship of the calculator, Casio’s work naturally needless to say, many of the big names of the devil are perfect work, and the work is quite pleasant. The gap between the plastics is very small, the printing is burr-free, and the assembly error is basically invisible. It is also superior in domestic products. The firmness of printing can’t be measured, but my old 991ES PLUS will also be polished. The earliest Casio in the early 90s is also being polished, so wear should be inevitable. The powerful calculator is a few tens of grams more than Casio, so the feel is thick, the height is slightly higher, Casio is quite slim, but also have their own love.


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