Algebra FX 2.0 is the second generation of CAS graphics calculator from Casio since the CFX-9970G. The first batch of products had flash memory damage after a few years of use due to flash memory problems, and then Casio solved the problem. The earliest model in the Algebra FX series was the 1998 Algebra FX 2.0, which is very similar to the current fx-9860G series of operating logic, but with CAS functionality, 144 KB of main storage and 768 KB of permanent memory. . The FX 1.0, which was later introduced, is a feature-rich version of the former, removing the CAS functionality. After that, there is an advanced version with PLUS, but the only difference is that Casio added the original ADD-IN (DIFF-EQ and TVM) as the built-in software of the system.
    At present, the entire series of Algebra FX has been discontinued. The domestic Taobao platform has had short-lived inventory products in the past few years, but currently it must rely on Haitao to purchase from abroad. I recently purchased an Algebra FX 2.0 PLUS calculator from eBay Haitao. I will write a review for you to see. If there is something wrong, please correct me.

    The Algebra FX series uses the x86 architecture chip V30 from NEC Corporation of Japan, based on a ROM-DOS embedded system, and can run programs written in C and PASCAL. Its ADD-IN is compiled into EXE format and can be run directly on a 32-bit Windows system. If the strength is fully utilized, the machine’s playability will not be weaker than TI’s. However, since the machine does not have a USB interface, and needs to use the FA-123 dedicated 3-pin to serial port cable to connect to the computer to transfer the program, I still can not get this cable, so it is temporarily unable to evaluate its ADD-IN function. Please forgive me.

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