Algebra FX 2.0 is the second generation of CAS graphics calculator from Casio since the CFX-9970G. The first batch of products had flash memory damage after a few years of use due to flash memory problems, and then Casio solved the problem. The earliest model in the Algebra FX series was the 1998 Algebra FX 2.0, which is very similar to the current fx-9860G series of operating logic, but with CAS functionality, 144 KB of main storage and 768 KB of permanent memory. . The FX 1.0, which was later introduced, is a feature-rich version of the former, removing the CAS functionality. After that, there is an advanced version with PLUS, but the only difference is that Casio added the original ADD-IN (DIFF-EQ and TVM) as the built-in software of the system.
    At present, the entire series of Algebra FX has been discontinued. The domestic Taobao platform has had short-lived inventory products in the past few years, but currently it must rely on Haitao to purchase from abroad. I recently purchased an Algebra FX 2.0 PLUS calculator from eBay Haitao. I will write a review for you to see. If there is something wrong, please correct me.

    The Algebra FX series uses the x86 architecture chip V30 from NEC Corporation of Japan, based on a ROM-DOS embedded system, and can run programs written in C and PASCAL. Its ADD-IN is compiled into EXE format and can be run directly on a 32-bit Windows system. If the strength is fully utilized, the machine’s playability will not be weaker than TI’s. However, since the machine does not have a USB interface, and needs to use the FA-123 dedicated 3-pin to serial port cable to connect to the computer to transfer the program, I still can not get this cable, so it is temporarily unable to evaluate its ADD-IN function. Please forgive me.

In 2018, Deli produced a high-import Casio fx-991CN X Chinese version of the calculator, model D991CN Plus, under the premise of achieving the same function, the online sales price is about one-third of Casio. However, the gap between this calculator and the Casio genuine calculator is big or small. There is no specific comparison article on the Internet, so I will consider writing an article like this, and let everyone choose which one to buy as a reference. The evaluation of the function is not the focus of this article, because its feature set is exactly the same as the Casio fx-991CN X Chinese version, so you can go to the manual of the Casio official website, or search for the evaluation article of the function of the Casio calculator. Just fine. Pure interest evaluation, will not favor which side.

As for why I am interested in writing this review, because I always like to drum up the mess of digital products and software, so the calculator and the like have not let go. Since there is no actual demand for the graphing calculator, there is not much money to buy a graphing calculator to play with, basically it is to play the simulator, but what the function machine is to play with. Some time ago, I saw that the calculator was full on the milk tea east (99-30 & 105-5) and then you can start with 48 oceans (black will be cheaper four), so suddenly the 991 imitation of these forty Interested, I bought one. The Casio Genuine Calculator was purchased from X Baochao’s flagship store 133 Ocean in March 2015. It seems to have increased its price to 148. Many people have genuine plots. If you buy Casio, you won’t be able to buy them. So there are not many people who have the opportunity to do comparative evaluations. But I don’t hang on to the pirates and play games, so I don’t pay much attention to whether they are genuine. That evaluation is done by me~

First come to the calculator family portrait. The old version of 991ES Plus purchased in 2010 is not around. Ignore the two rightmost Android emulators. . .


Next, I started to compare the two calculators. First of all, the picture below is a frontal photo:

Both calculators have good values. It can be seen that the Casio key is completely reproduced, which is not bad at all. Casio is only black, powerful black and white optional, I bought white, a few more expensive than black. After Casio’s color scheme was moved to the white casing, it always felt that there was a lack of design balance, and everyone might have different opinions.

The powerful protective shell is slightly brittle and different in material from Casio. The workmanship of the calculator, Casio’s work naturally needless to say, many of the big names of the devil are perfect work, and the work is quite pleasant. The gap between the plastics is very small, the printing is burr-free, and the assembly error is basically invisible. It is also superior in domestic products. The firmness of printing can’t be measured, but my old 991ES PLUS will also be polished. The earliest Casio in the early 90s is also being polished, so wear should be inevitable. The powerful calculator is a few tens of grams more than Casio, so the feel is thick, the height is slightly higher, Casio is quite slim, but also have their own love.


n daily life, at work, everyone will use mathematical calculations to complete efficiency, and make life more convenient. As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, our ancestors created a simple calculation tool, which is called a string calculation bead. It is also called an abacus; but as the times change, technology grows, and the abacus slowly begins to withdraw from people’s attention.

Instead, it is a calculator that is very familiar to us today. It is smaller and more accurate, and it is good for carrying and stability. The credit is far greater than the abacus. It can help us manage money. There are four types of common calculators, which are divided into science. Type calculators, programmer calculators and statistical calculators, and arithmetic calculators that are used by households.

So, how do you choose an arithmetic calculator? Today, the author carefully sorts out two calculators with good reputation. If you are looking for an efficient and convenient arithmetic calculator, I believe you will find a satisfactory answer below.

have you considered the value of the face? Have you considered the feel?

Yan value! Feel! Very important!

Well, when it comes to being familiar with my friends, I should know that I have to start to install the sun drying equipment!

Today, I will share with you three calculators, which I have deprecated, I am using, and I have collected them:

Because of the professional reasons of the previous job, the calculator is a must-have for work, so they appear a little bit in my EDC series .

The purchase methods and purchase purposes of these three calculators are completely different. They are shared with everyone here. Maybe you will also abandon those ordinary calculators with no features, and find a good-looking and easy-to-use for yourself. New calculator!

Let’s start with one by one:

The first one (the one on the far right) is incredible!

Masterpiece of industrial design in the history  Braun Braun ET66 calculator. . . . . . Reissue version:

Braun BNE 001BK

Designed by Dieter Rams, known as “one of the most influential designers of the 20th century”

As a engineering student, scientific computing has become one of the daily essential tasks. For the cumbersome mathematical calculations, the importance of scientific calculators is self-evident. It can save calculation time, improve calculation efficiency, and ensure calculation. Accurate.

The original intention of purchasing this calculator is to deal with the calculation of the matrix, such as multiplication of the calculation matrix, the determinant of the matrix, the inverse of the matrix, etc. This Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator can be used up to 4 rows and 4 columns. The composed matrix performs the calculation.

To familiarize yourself with the use of scientific calculators, detailed user instructions are essential. The calculator’s manual is a total of 72 pages, detailing the use of the calculator and the top ten functions.

Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator with a white color on the back of the fuselage, simple and stylish, weighing about 200g, small and portable.

The surface of the Casio FX-991CN scientific calculator is processed by a special process. The plastic buttons are comfortable to touch, and have a metal-like experience. The white, black and blue buttons are matched with colors, and the front design is beautiful and stylish.

Texas Instruments (TI) is the world’s largest manufacturer of analog circuit technology components, the world’s leading semiconductor multinational company, known for developing, manufacturing, and selling semiconductor and computer technology, mainly engaged in innovative Research, manufacturing and sales of digital signal processing and analog circuits. In addition to the semiconductor business, it also offers sensing and control, educational products and digital light source processing solutions.


TI-Nspire CX-C CAS Chinese color graphics calculator (English version is TI-Nspire CX CAS) is a graphing calculator with CAS (Computer Algebra System) function introduced by Texas Instruments many years ago. More than 5 years, but still in the flagship position of the Texas Instruments Calculator. After all, the graphics calculator has a narrow audience, which is not up to the speed of smartphones and PCs.

The body is powered by a lithium battery, the battery is placed in the back battery compartment, and the body is charged by the miniUSB port. (The graphing calculator with color screen consumes faster speed)

There is a digital interface at the top and bottom, and the calculator can be equipped with a network module for communication to complete classroom teaching.

The work of the landlord has to deal with a lot of data, so basically there are calculators . The company has a larger voice-based desktop calculator, and the car has a Casio calculator at school . Recently I plan to buy a calculator that can be placed in a laptop bag. The requirement is small size, light weight, dual power supply, and finally I bought this powerful 1548A calculator through layer screening . This calculator measures 170*108*15mm, which can be said to be very thin.


â–² It looks like there is no grade of packaging. To be honest, I don’t like this kind of packaging because its protection function is really weak.

â–²The back of the package is the calculator instructions, because this is a general calculator, so it is relatively simple to use.

Being beaten, hitting, and blindly playing, as a white-collar employee who loves to “calculate”, the fingertips of the dance are all in the company’s accounts. When the hand speed meets the precision, the office life between the numbers is less than the blessing of the morale.


There is nothing wrong with the calculations, and Casio knows this. Therefore, it has a large and wear-resistant button, and the atmosphere is rigorously designed. The Casio office series calculator DH-12, which is the ultimate goal of “blind play”, came into being. With a quick input and comfortable task, it always makes people happy.


Casio office series calculator DH-12, large-screen LED LCD screen, user-friendly large keyboard design. The accounting calculation is easy to calculate with one click, and it is easy to calculate the cost-based gross profit tax rate. Fashionable yet steady, revealing a simple and stylish gentleman’s atmosphere, in the work of deductive fashion attitude. Classic black and white gray color matching, always let you find a more professional yourself in the work.

I still remember the Casio calculator used in reading. In the middle and high school, the Casio calculator was a hand in the class, otherwise it would be a direct embarrassment. Sometimes even the exam can bring such a calculator to calculate, it seems that the university exam can still carry the calculator to calculate.

I remember that the Casio calculator at that time was also fifty or sixty, but now I wants to tell you that Casio has a calculator with a price of $300+. Do you believe it? Recently, Japan Casio launched a local gold version of the calculator for $400 . It is said that this calculator has performed well in the Japanese market, so it is now also launched in the Chinese market. This calculator is a “50th Anniversary”, the shell is not a traditional plastic shell, but an aluminum alloy shell, and is sprayed into a local gold. The overall appearance and the texture of the metal are of course far better than ordinary plastic plate calculators. It is worth noting that although the value of this calculator is as high as $400, in addition to the outer casing is aluminum alloy, other functions do not seem to be different from the normal version, the display can only display 12 digits. The only special thing is that this calculator can support laser engraving customization, if you want to engrave your name on it. But the problem is, a calculator, although it is still a local gold calculator, can be carried around like a mobile phone.

The Casio Scientific Calculator is a convenient and versatile student calculator. It has many functions but the method is not complicated. Here is how to use the function keys of the Casio N78 calculator.

First take off the lid of the calculator, then turn it on. At this time, you will see that most of the keys on the calculator panel have symbols, letters and other yellow fonts. These fonts are the second function of each corresponding button of the calculator.

When we need to use these second function keys, we need to use the SHIFT function key on the calculator panel.

After pressing the SHIFT function key, the following display will appear on the display. When there is “s” on the display, it is in the state of the button function 2. If there is no “s”, it is in the function one state.